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Monday, March 15, 2010

Fate stay night....animu

although this series was old enough to recall, im sure that most of the cases like to read some spoiler and 18+ stuff... I just want to show that im happily download some scanlated manga , hentai manga and yaoi(malexmale) doujinshi... Not that im gay to read yaoi manga, but im very addicted to this series because the story, character and art was too brilliant...:P thus im want to share you all some of my manga...hehehehe :) some of this may cause discomfort... so carefull...>>>>>>!

Fate Stay Night Image (some yaoi)

Fate Stay Night ( some slightly dirty)-> megaupload link
Fate Stay Night - Red Plum [English].rar
Fate Stay Night - Claim (English).zip H
Fate Stay Night (Hentai Remix)

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