Saturday, January 23, 2010

About my laptop...

This is my anime Rig... Any thing to leech and download anime were here. So im think to update my laptop to high end performance. So my laptop running an AMD 64 processor at 1.6 Ghz. I have a AMD Turion 64x2 at 1.8 Ghz that I want to install. I know it will fit the computer but is it safe to make the switch. Should make Vista run faster and help my video analysis software run smoother. However, will the computer freak when I change it, will it overheat? Just curious? Looking for any advice. Since my laptop currenly running solo core and desktop based, im planning to buy new CPU but just wanted to add the use of a good thermal compound to improve cooling. I used Arctic Silver 5 for my BE-2400, it's a bit pricey (I bought a little syringe for about $10 at the Shack), and it's STRONGLY advised to visit their website ( and read up on the proper application technique before installing the CPU. After installation and application of AS5, there will be a 200+ hrs. break-in period until AS5 reaches it peak performance, which will drop temps from 2C to 5C (or more). I heard that there are even better (and pricier) products out there, but, in my case, I'm happy with it... after one trial & error run, that I screwed up using WAY too much AS5 on the CPU.

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